Return after 20:00 shall be regarded as extra 1 day. With our leasing condition, the driver has to be older than 21 years of age. All cars are non-smoking.

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Toyota Vellfire New model campaign

2016/12 Vellfire New model campaign

This new car is really popular, so I made use of my 2 days off and drove it to Nago. There were a ton of people in the car and the drive was pretty far, but the interior was spacious and I have no complaints.

Toyota Voxy New model

2016/11 Voxy New model

Cost performance was great, as we rented a car that could seat 5 people. Such a nice, freeing ride.

Toyota Noah New model

2016/10 Noah New model

On the day I was suppose to pick up my car, I found out a Toyota Vellfire was available. I decided to change to this car instead of my original. I was so thrilled to drive the car because I have been waiting for the opportunity to drive one. I went to Oujima Island in Nanjo to enjoy the cruise on a boat with a glass floor. It was funny to see a cat resting under the shadow of my rental car to get away from the blazing hot sun. I was ten minutes late to return the car, but I am very thankful they did not make a big deal about it.(^^). Convertible cars are a man's dream car and romance.

Toyota Noah

2016/08 Noah

Because we could all fit in the car, and it was affordable. Obon season. Didn't rent a convertible.

Toyota Voxy

2015/03 Voxy

It was nice to do business with you the other day. I had a lot of people with me, and after I thought about all the luggage I had, I chose a Toyota Voxy!! All of my children are graduated and it has been 10 years since the last family trip. We went scuba diving and went to Churaumi Aquarium. I am very happy we could spend time relaxing. The feeling of unity the breeze of Okinawa.

Toyota Succeed Van

2016/12 Succeed Van

This place was cheap, and I needed a car that fit my golf bag. Nothing went wrong, and it was a smooth ride all around.

Nissan Caravan

Toyota Hiace GL

Nissan Serena

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Mazda Roadster(MX-5) New model

2016/02 Roadster(MX-5) New model

I wanted to drive a manual transmission. It was a fun experience because I haven't driven a manual for such a long time. It was raining while I was there, but I still could enjoy driving it especially in the morning.

Mazda Roadster(MX-5)

2014/04 Roadster(MX-5)

I loved it! I enjoyed driving the car near the ocean, the sugar cane fields, and driving through the Yanbaru Forest. The wind blowing on me was awesome. I don't think many people understand the freedom you feel with unobstructed views a convertible offers. I could feel and smell everything around me.


2016/03 SOARER

Because I have never driven the car. I could listen to the radio comfortably. The sense of freedom and exhilaration. I was a little bit embarrassed because it stands out.

Porsche Porsche Boxster

2016/07 Porsche Boxster

I wanted to drive a European Convertible car. I really enjoyed driving over Niraikanai Bridge which I was able to overlook Taiheiyo Ocean. It was so much fun to drive over the hills and winding roads. I loved the echoing sound of the engine in the tunnel and the amazing view in front of my eyes as soon as I went through the tunnel. I was very excited. The best part about a convertible car is feeling the fresh air of Okinawa.

mini Mini Cooper Convertible

2015/05 Mini Cooper Convertible

Because I love MINI. A typhoon hit, but it was mostly sunny the next day, and I could experience the awesome drive! I felt so good enjoying the view as I drove right next to the ocean around Okinawa!

Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet

2015/07 New Beetle Cabriolet

I wanted to drive it once in my life time. My wife laughed at me because I kept making mistakes trying to operate the windshield wipers and the turn signals. I got used to it by the second day, but after I went home, I kept making mistakes with my own car. The sense of freedom and exhilaration. Convertible cars are the best for Okinawa.


2016/12 Copen

Riding side by side with the guy that is also in charge of Daihatsu in a convertible was really nice. I also enjoyed how you could easily take pictures of the Okinawan ocean and scenery in this car.


2015/10 BMW Z4

It was not a car I can rent all the time. To be able to experience the beautiful places in Okinawa with a convertible car. It was very comfortable to ride in that came with a sense of freedom.

Toyota 86

2015/12 86

The Boxer's engine sound of Toyota 86. I drove all the way around the island in 8 hours. It was awesome and the weather was fantastic. I would like to rent a Roadster next time.

Honda S660

2016/12 S660

I love convertibles, and wanted to ride one. I even hit it up with a guy that was driving a Porsche Boxster when we parked next to each other in a coast-side parking lot. Loved feeling the Okinawan sun and breeze as I was driving.

Mercedes Benz SLK200

BMW 120i

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet

Audi A4 Cabriolet

2016/12 A4 Cabriolet

Rented because the car was nice. Okinawa is warm, so the cool breeze felt good.

Lexus SC430

Lexus IS

Toyota Harrier


Suzuki carry


Suzuki Every Van

Suzuki Alto

Honda N-ONE

Suzuki Hustler