customer's voice

2016/12 Voxy

Wanted to rent a family car, but the windows were big and my children were so happy to be able to see the ocean view from their seats. Nice car!

2016/07 Roadster(MX-5) New model AT

I always wanted to drive this model. I have never felt more popular when other drivers would wave at me. (^^) Making you feel special.

2016/08 Voxy

We needed to have a car that could carry lots of people. We had eight people traveling together. It was very nice to go places in one car. We had so much fun having conversations, and we didn't stop laughing during the trip. Also, the staff was very nice and we would love to do business with them again. It was not a convertible car.

2017/01 Succeed Van

Rented because it was cheap. The weather started getting worse as I was on my way to fish, but I still got to sit in the trunk and do some fishing. Love how you can feel the wind.

2017/01 Copen

I'd never driven a compact convertible, and wanted to test drive it. I drove downtown and you could really enjoy the win, the sea, and the atmosphere.

2016/08 Roadster(MX-5) New model

I have driven the same car before, and it was easy to drive. I wanted to enjoy driving a manual transmission. We did some extra driving because we stopped the navigation system for a while, and it was still a fun drive. An exhilarating feeling.

2016/06 Voxy(2014-)

It is comfortable and stable. Nothing special. The breeze was very satisfying.

2015/10 Mini Cooper Convertible

Because I wanted to drive a car I don't often have the opportunity to drive and to enjoy the luxury. My companion and I had to wait to show our smiles. This was due to not being able to put the top down on our first day because of heavy winds. It felt so good to drive the car. Only thing I can say is, I loved the freedom I normally can't feel on a daily basis.

2015/03 Roadster(MX-5)

Looked awesome! Very strong wind!

2016/04 Voxy

My friend's family was visiting me from the main land. They loved it. You can cut through the wind as you drive it, and the sense of freedom.

2016/06 SOARER

I was always interested in this car. I drove along the ocean from Chinenmisaki. It felt so good when the top was down even though the sun was beating on me. The sense of freedom.

2016/07 New Beetle Cabriolet

I wanted to drive a convertible. Felt good with the wind.

2015/10 Roadster(MX-5)

I chose this car because I have only driven the first model. I also wanted to test drive this one since I am thinking about purchasing one. The car is an excellent choice for driving in Okinawa. Mazda Roadsters are the best for driving next to the ocean. Driving on the road under the ocean with the cover open is the best. The sense of unity with nature, the sense of freedom, and the sense of speed.

2014/11 SOARER

Convertible with the steering wheel on the right side. It was pretty tight, but four people could ride in it. When I was parking the car, many people watched in amazement. There were some people who were taking pictures of the car. It felt so good when I opened the cover.

2015/04 New Beetle Cabriolet

Because it was cute! It was difficult for me to close the cover, so I just drove the freeway with the top down (lol). The wind was refreshing!

2016/09 Mini Cooper Convertible

We had three people, so we rented a car with four seats. It looked cute, too. It was cloudy when we left, and started raining while we were driving. You imagine the blue ocean and the blue sky when you hear "Okinawa"!!! And a convertible car!!!

2016/09 Roadster(MX-5) New model AT

My wife wanted to drive a sports car, but she doesn't know how to drive a stick. The wind made me feel good because the air in Okinawa is very refreshing.

2016/11 Roadster(MX-5) New model

I wanted to drive a stick shift car. I reserved this car 2 days before using it, but wasn't prepared for how strong the sunlight was going to feel so I had the top up almost the whole time. I drove near the Fukugi trees and let the top down for about 10 minutes as the sun was setting. Manual cars, I found, are more fun as you can adjust the gear and engine to your liking. You're not wearing a helmet or anything, so the free feeling was different from riding a motorcycle.

2016/10 Roadster(MX-5)

This car was a dream of mine, and the more I drive it, the more I fall in love. If you drive in the countryside, you can really feel the nature, with the leaves, trees and the smell of all the greenery. It was very refreshing, and I'm happy I got to enjoy the nature and air of Okinawa in this car.

2016/06 Roadster(MX-5) New model

I wanted to drive a convertible car with a stick shift, and I was interested in the car because it was chosen as the car of the year. It started raining when I was driving with the top down. It felt so good to be in the breeze.

2015/11 Roadster(MX-5) New model

Because it is a very popular sports car, and it is hard to get a manual car nowadays. I went to Churaumi. You can enjoy an extraordinary experience.

2016/02 Roadster(MX-5) New model AT

Because this model won the best car of the year, and I was interested in it. It was fortunate the weather was good only while I was driving. The amazing sense of freedom.

2016/09 Roadster(MX-5)

I always wanted to drive one of these cars since I was little. I have taken out the same car for a test drive twice at a dealership, but I couldn't open the top because it always rained. I really wanted to drive a Roadster with the top down this time. I have always dreamed about taking my girlfriend on a date in a convertible (This is probably only a dream men have. lol). Nothing special. The freedom and being able to feel the wind as you drive.

2016/07 Roadster(MX-5) New model AT

I wanted to drive a convertible car. I have never had so much fun driving before. The feel of the breeze. I loved the freedom of the open air.

2016/12 Copen

I wanted to see the scenery from the POV in a convertible. Also, even though this was a subcompact car, the structure is nice and easy to drive. The kids loved it lol. The feeling of driving it down the coast was extraordinary!!

2014/05 Roadster(MX-5)

I wanted to rent a convertible car since I was going to drive in Okinawa. This vehicle's engine performance, and the vehicle's handling was awesome for such a light weight sports cars. I chose a manual transmission. I had a two night, three day trip in the middle of the rainy season. I was a little careless and ended up with a bad sunburn on the second day. It is awesome to drive in the nice Okinawa weather as you smell the ocean. The convertible brings lots of positive attention, and it is perfect for all that Okinawa has to offer.

2016/02 Roadster(MX-5)

Looked like it was fun to drive. It started raining while I was driving with the top down, so I had to close it as fast as I could. I could feel the wind.

2016/04 Roadster(MX-5) New model

It was attractive because it is light weight and a convertible. I could enjoy driving as I felt a connection with the terrain. I just wanted to drive around. Towards the end of my stay, it started getting sunny, so I finally enjoyed driving with the top down. I felt the wonderful breeze, and loved the feeling of driving through the wind.

2014/08 SOARER

I wanted to drive a convertible car. It started raining while I was driving, so I stopped the car on the side of the road and closed the top. It was so smooth to open and close. The experience gave me a sense of luxury that you don't get during the week days.

2014/04 SOARER

I wanted to drive a car you can' t normally drive in a daily life. I loved driving with the cover wide open. I went to an Okinawa Soba noodle restaurant the sales staff told me to go, and it was fantastic. He was a very nice guy. Because it was a car I can't normally drive.

2014/09 Roadster(MX-5) Soft Top

Convertible, good price, performance, and the trunk capacity. Without the cover at night was the best! A convertible car in Okinawa! Driving by the beautiful beach is the best!